What are dip powders?

Dip powder is a powder, when used in conjunction with proper liquids, creates a hard layer on the nail, giving it its colour. It can be used to strengthen your natural nail and help with natural nail growth.

How long do they last?

When applied correctly they should last minimum 14-16 days.

What is dip flu?

Dip flu occurs when you have an allergic reaction to the liquids or powders. The symptoms to dip flu are similar to a mild cold. These include (but not limited to), sneezing, runny nose, sniffles and sometimes congestion. If this happens, you can wear a mask while doing your manicure, sit in a well ventilated area, use a fan, or you can consider switching to gel method.

What is gel method?

Gel method is when you use UV/LED light to cure the gel liquids instead of using regular liquids and activator. This method has very little scent and you have unlimited time to perfect the manicure before curing.

What is the difference between regular dip liquids and gel liquids?

Regular liquids dry independently and dont require a UV light. They final result leave the nail strong and hard.

Gel liquids require a UV light, are softer, which makes for easier removal, however they are not as strong as the regular liquids.

Both methods should still last the minimal 14 days without lifting, if the nails are properly prepared.

Should a mask be warn during application?

A mask can be warn during application, but it is up to you.